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Junior-Senior High School



Junior-Senior High School Principal: 
Mr. Sean Gleason

2851 Route 370
Cato, NY 13033
Phone: (315) 626-3317, x3801
Fax: (315) 626-2551
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Attention students:  after school between 2:20-3:00p.m., you are still required to have a pass when you are in the hallways.  Please make sure you have a pass.

Due to some people's sensitivity to strong odors, we request that you do not wear strong perfumes, colognes, or fabric softening agents to school.  These strong scents can make it very difficult for some people to breathe.  Please be mindful of others and do not wear highly scented products.

Attention Seniors:  just a reminder that whenever you apply to a college, you should notify the Guidance Office.  Please bring in a copy of all college acceptance letters to the Guidance Office.  They are needed for your academic folder and scholarships.

Attention athletes:  after school you must be with a teacher or go home.  You are not allowed to leave school and return to the building before your practice starts.

Student athletes are asked to abide by the dress code specifically uniform tops.

Students are reminded that you must have a bus pass in order to ride the 2nd trip.  You are not permitted to walk to the middle school to board a bus either.

Bus 29 will transport students from the High School to CIMARF at 3:05p.m. each day.

Attention Freshmen:  please meet in Room 138 afterschool to work on the banner and ideas for hall decorations.

Students are reminded to adhere to the dress code found on pages 36 and 37 of the student handbook.  Tops are to be to the edge of the shoulder, shorts and skirts are to be a minimum of fingertip length.

Attention students:  all students must ride their own bus over to the middle school when going home on the 2nd trip (with the exception of bus 39 and 42 which pick up for other buses); you are not allowed to walk.  Once on your bus, you are not allowed to get back off unless you have a reason to be at the middle school or are going to the rec. center.

Attention all student drivers:  as a reminder, you are not to park your vehicle in front of the school between the hours of 7:40a.m. and 5:30p.m. Monday through Friday or during any athletic event.  You are to park in the designated areas for student parking only.

Attention students:  please remember to bring written excuses for absences and tardiness to school.  Students are given 24 hours to submit excuses or they will be assigned a principal detention or ISP.

Our school district is now offering Tip411. You will be able to report concerns such as drug activity, threats, bullying or anything that should be addressed by administration and/or law enforcement.  Even though this app is anonymous, anyone who abuses the app by making false reports, can be subject to discipline or possible criminal charges.  You are able to access this app from any device.  It is a completely confidential way of reporting anything that is harmful to someone.  This app has the greatest potential when used appropriately.  Currently, Android and Apple users can downloap the app by searching for "CMtips" in their app store.  You may also access the link on the school website called CMtips.  Please remember to only use this tool for valid reasons.

Please be aware of the following bus changes for this year:  Bus 31 has replaced Bus 48; Bus 32 has replaced Bus 49; for 2nd Trip only, Bus 42 will cover for Buses 33 and 46 and Bus 39 will cover for Bus 37.

A few reminders from Mrs. Mahoney:  there are now hangers in the classrooms to hold devices that are not out of sight; the only time you may access your device is between classes.  Another new procedure is for students who need to take second trip home are to wait in the library from 3:00-3:15p.m. until their bus arrives.  And last, a reminder about our dress code - please be mindful of what you are choosing to wear.

Attention all student drivers and riders:  the new driving/riding paperwork for this school year is now available in the Main Office.  If you are planning to drive to school or ride with a student driver this year, you will need to submit new paperwork to the Main Office.  There are new parking stickers for this year.  Even if you drove last year, you will still need to submit new paperwork.

Today, September 11th weighs heavy on the hearts of many as we remember the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  You, as students, were just born or not born yet.  We, as adults, recall where we were, how we shared in grief and gained a new appreciation for our freedoms and life in general.  We also have a greater appreciation of our service men and women and first responders.  Please take a moment today to remember 9/11 by showing respect, appreciation, honor and sorrow.

Please remember to turn in your Powder Puff permission slips and money to Ms. Mannara in Room 18.

Onondaga Community College is offering a SAT prep course this fall.  Stop by the Guidance Office for more information.

Attention all Sophomores who signed up for hall decorating:  there will be a meeting on Thursday, September 12th at 2:20p.m. in Mrs. Foote's room.  Please also check your school email for more information.  We have alot to accomplish.  See you there!

Attention Seniors:  colleges are coming!  Stay tuned to the announcements over September and October to listen for which colleges will be visiting our school and when.  Sign up sheets will be outside the Guidance Office when those dates are close.  But keep checking back for more dates!

This year's Spirit Week theme is Fire Mix Tape 2020 and each class has chosen a different genre of music to represent their class.  Banner boards are ready for pick up in Room 104 and need to be completed by Monday, September 16th for hallway decorating.  Each class' banner will remain hanging for the rest of the year.  Good luck...may the best class win!

Attention staff and students:  if you have lost keys, jewelry, or small items, please stop by the Main Office. 

Attention students who walk to the Rec. Center in the afternoon:  you may not walk through the Middle School or Elementary School as it interrupts instruction.  You are to walk to the Rec. Center entrance in order to gain entry to the Rec. Center. Thank you for your cooperation.

College Scholarship Information

Interested in a Scholarship for college?
Please use the HS Guidance tab on the left and click on 'Scholarships' to view information on which ones are currently available to students. Make sure to pay close attention to all criteria and application deadlines.
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