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Supplies List

***All middle school students are required to use the Cato-Meridian agenda planner.   

The agenda planners will be provided to students on the first day of school.  

Replacement cost for a lost agenda planner is 8.00.

5th Grade                                                                           

1 package of #2 pencils---NOT mechanical!

2 fine point Sharpie markers                                                                      

2 ultra-fine point Sharpie markers                                                                           

Package of colored pencils or crayons (no markers please)                                                                          

1 package of dry erase marker                                                                  

Headphones or earbuds to be stored in class                                                                     

3 folders (1 red (E/LA), 1 green (science), and 1 yellow (math))                                                                 

1 1” three ringed binder – purple (social studies)                                                                              

1 box of tissues to share (these may need to be replenished throughout the year)                                         

Girls---mouth guard for PE                                                                          

*Special Class ELA students - 1 dozen Ticonderoga pencils                                                                           

*Special Class Math students- 1 one subject notebook, any color, 1 package erasers,                                                                     

5 glue sticks (to be replenished as necessary throughout the school year)                                                            

1 dozen Ticonderoga pencils

Cato-Meridian agenda planner***


6th Grade                                                                           

1 purple laminated folder w/pockets and 1 purple 1-subject notebook for social studies                                               

1 green 3 ring binder (1 or 1 1/2 inch) and 1 single subject green notebook for science                                   

1 yellow laminated folder w/pockets and 1 yellow 3 subject notebook for math                                                

2 extra fine Sharpie markers                                                                      

TI-30XA or TI-30XIIS calculator for 2nd half of year                                                                           

1 marbled composition notebook and 1 package of 3x3 post-it notes for E/LA                                                    

1 red, orange or pink laminated folder w/pockets for E/LA                                                                          

**subjects are color-coded. If you have trouble finding a specific color, just choose a color that is not the

same as the other subjects.                                                                       

1 package of #2 pencils with erasers                                                                       

1 package of standard size loose leaf paper with holes                                                                  

1 hand held pencil sharpener for colored pencils                                                                              

2 highlighters                                                                    

1 box of colored pencils or crayons, 12 count is fine                                                                         

1 box of tissues                                                                

2 packages of index cards (3x5)                                                                

Girls -- mouthguard for physical education class and a 2 pocket folder, any color                                                               

Boys and girls will need a plain t-shirt and shorts/sweatpants, socks and sneakers                                            

Cato-Meridian agenda planner***                                                                                                                                


7th Grade                                                                           

1 basic scientific calculator (TI 30XIIS)                                                                     

2 inch binder for math                                                                  

2 inch binder for social studies                                                                  

2 packages of loose leaf paper (100 sheet minimum packs)                                                                         

1 package of #2 pencils                                                                 

2 pens, either blue or black ink                                                                 

1 box of colored pencils (for use in science and social studies)                                                                    

1 pack of 3x5 lined index cards (50 cards)                                                                             

4 marble composition notebooks                                                                            

3 laminated folders w/pockets, any color                                                                             

1 box of tissues                                                                

Girls -- mouthguard for physical education class                                                                

Boys and girls will need a plain t-shirt and shorts/sweatpants, socks and sneakers                                            

Cato-Meridian agenda planner***


8th Grade                                                                           

1 binder  with inside pockets (1 inch) for social studies                                                                   

3 binders -1 each for Math, Science, (1 inch each) and 1 for Spanish  with inside pockets (2 inch)                               

1 hard sided plastic folder with pockets and clasps for French                                                                     

2 inch binder for ELA                                                                      

3 packages of index cards (2 for foreign language and 1 for science)                                                                        

1 scientific calculator with fraction key (state requirement for math and science)                                                              

     **recommend TI-83 Plus calculator for accelerated math students only. This is recommended, not required.                                                                     

1 large Five Star notebook with folder inside for Spanish                                                                              

1 package of colored pencils (for use in social studies, science, french, Spanish)                                                

1 marble composition notebook for Science                                                                       

1 notebook for French                                                                  

1 green laminated folder w/pockets (science)                                                                   

pens for all classes, blue or black ink                                                                       

#2 pencils for all classes                                                                

8 glue sticks - 4 for Social Studies, 4 for Spanish                                                                 

3 highlighters (different colors)                                                                

Loose leaf paper for ALL classes (assignments will not be accepted on spiral bound notebook paper)      

2 or 3 extra fine Sharpie markers (for social studies)                                                                       

$3.50 for Junior Scholastic subscription for social studies                                                                               

Girls -- mouthguard for physical education class                                                                

Boys and girls will need a plain t-shirt and shorts/sweatpants, socks and sneakers                                            

Cato-Meridian agenda planner***
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