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Student-Parent Handbook and Policies


Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Criteria
Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8:  High Honor:  If a student earns a 93 average with no grade below an 87 in all subject areas and has satisfactory effort in all subjects, then he or she will be awarded high honor roll status.  
     Honor:  If a student earns at least an 85 average in all subject areas with no grade below 80,
     then he or she will be awarded honor roll status.  
     NOTE:  Physical education classes meet every other day, and therefore are weighted at 50%.
   Any student failing a course will not achieve honor roll or high honor roll status even if the minimum average requirement is met.
Five Plus (5+) Club
Students who raise their overall average five or more points from one marking period to the next, or maintain an average of 95% or higher, will become a member of our Five Plus Club.  Members will earn special recognition.


Please encourage and guide your child to come to school appropriately dressed. Hats, visors, bandanas, and non-prescription eyewear are not allowed.  No clothing should reveal undergarments or midriffs.  Therefore, halter tops, excessively short skirts or shorts, shirts with spaghetti straps, and tank tops are not allowed. This applies to both genders. Sleeved shirts must be worn. Gym shorts, tank shirts, etc. should be attire reserved for physical education, not the classroom. Certain footwear (flip flops, high heels) are potentially hazardous, and therefore, not recommended.  Flip flops are not allowed on the playground. Also, sneakers with roller blades (“Heelys”), are not allowed. We encourage your understanding and good judgment in this matter. Appropriate dress lends itself to a positive school atmosphere.  Students wearing clothing deemed inappropriate by a building administrator may be asked to change. The use of colognes and perfumes while in school is discouraged. Misuse of these items has caused problems with those with allergies or asthma.

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