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New York State Report Card

The New York State Report Cards provide enrollment, demographic, attendance, suspension, dropout, teacher, assessment, accountability, graduation rate, post-graduate plan, career and technical education and fiscal data for public and charter schools, districts, and the State. The report cards consist of three parts: Accountability and Overview Report (AOR), Comprehensive Information Report (CIR) and Fiscal Accountability Supplement. For each reporting year, a companion database containing data statewide and by county, Need/Resource Capacity Index, district, and school in many of the above areas is also provided for statistical analysis purposes.

Accountability and Overview Report (School Report Card)

The Accountability and Overview Report provides enrollments, average class size, demographic factors, attendance and suspensions, teacher qualifications, and staff counts. It also provides accountability results by accountability measure and performance on accountability measures. Accountability measures at the elementary/middle level are English language arts, mathematics, and science; at the secondary level, they are English language arts, mathematics, and graduation rate.

Comprehensive Information Report (CIR)

The Comprehensive Information Report provides annual results on Regents examinations, Regents competency tests, second language proficiency examinations, New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Tests, elementary - and middle-level social studies tests, and New York State Alternate Assessments, as well as cohort performance results in social studies and science. The CIR also provides information on high school completers and non-completers and on post-secondary plans of graduates.

Select the report card data you wish to view:

Cato-Meridian Central School District Report Card and Data

Cato-Meridian High School Report Card and Data

Cato-Meridian Middle School Report Card and Data

Cato-Meridian Elementary School Report Card and Data

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