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Athletics Practice Schedule

Week of December 9th - December 14th

Team Monday 12/9 Tuesday 12/10 Wednesday 12/11 Thursday 12/12 Friday 12/13 Saturday 12/14
Varsity Basketball REC-3:15-5:15 HS-3:15-4:45 HS-3:15-4:45 REC-3:15-5:15 Game-H-Port Byron HS-7:30-9:30
Modified Boys Basketball Game-A-Fabius Game-A-Onondaga MS-6:30-8:00 MS-3:15-4:45 MS-4:45-6:15 TBA
Girls Varsity Basketball Game-H-Fabius REC-3:00-5:00  Game-H-OCS HS-5:15-7:15 REC-3:15-5:15 GBB-9:30-11:00
Modified Girls Basketball            
Varsity Volleyball HS-3:15-4:45 Game-H-Fabius REC-3:15-5:15 Game-A-Port Byron HS-3:15-4:45 Game-H-MPH
Modified Girls Volleyball MS-3:15-5:15 MS-3:15-5:15 Game-H-Hannibal MS-4:45-6:15 MS-3:15-4:45 TBA
Indoor Track 3:15-5:15-HS 3:15-5:15-HS 3:15-5:15-HS Meet @
Utica College
3:15-5:15-HS 8:00-10:00

Week of December 16th - December 21st

Team Monday 12/16 Tuesday 12/17 Wednesday 12/18 Thursday 12/19 Friday 12/20 Saturday 12/21
Varsity Basketball HS-3:15-4:45 HS-5:15-7:15 HS-3:15-5:15 REC-3:15-5:15 Game-H-MPH  
Modified Boys Basketball Game-A-Fabius Game-H-Weedsport 3:15-5:15 Game-A-Tully Game-H-Port Byron  
Girls Varsity Basketball REC-3:15-5:15 Game-A-Weedsport HS-5:15-7:15 Game-H-Tully HS-3:15-4:45 Game-H-NRW
Modified Girls Basketball            
Varsity Volleyball Game-H-Onondaga 3:15-5:15 REC-3:15-5:15 HS-3:45-4:45 Game-Home-CBA 9:00-10:30
Modified Girls Volleyball MS-3:15-5:15 Game-A-Pulaski 5:15-7:15 Game-A-JE    
Indoor Track 3:15-5:15-HS 3:15-5:15-HS 3:15-5:15-HS 3:15-5:15-HS 3:15-5:15-HS Meet-OCC

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