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Update Letter #2 from the Superintendent - 3-15-2020 - Click Here

Good Evening Everyone,

Here are a few updates for students and parents:

  • Wednesday's Preschool Registration can be done over the phone.  Please call the elementary school to register on Wednesday.  We will require a copy of your birth certificate and other materials at a later date. 
  • Parents and Students will be allowed to enter the school on Monday from 9-5 to pick up textbooks and personal items.  Please enter through the main office.  Again, it is from 9-5 Monday.
  • We are delivering materials on the High School PM Bus run schedule.  Please be patient as the drop off times will vary a little.  The variation is due to Pre-K-12 stops, not just HS stops.  Even if you do not ride the bus, we will still drop off the materials at your residence.  For us it is just too difficult to drop off the materials at babysitters' houses.  Thank you for understanding.
  • Please do not come to the school for the materials as we need most of Monday to make sure we have everything together.

Tomorrow we will have more updates.  You will hear from Athletic Director David Scholl with a spring sports update, as well as Ms. Kupiec about Special Education services.  

Thank you all for being such a wonderful community.  We appreciate your understanding.

Dr. Terry Ward

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