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Technology Free Wellness Day

Dear Students and Families, 

We know you have all been working hard during this shift to online learning due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. We wanted to give students a break from the technology and specifically, Google Hangouts or Zoom Meetings.  

We are planning to do our learning in a different way. Therefore please use this list of suggestions to continue learning in many other ways on this Friday.  Just pick a few.  Remember many of these suggestions will require parent supervision and permission.  Have fun and stay safe!
  • Read a good book outside, draw a picture, write a letter, or listen to some music
  • Go outside and work in your gardens 
  • Mow your lawn  or mulch your yard with your parents or help neighbors with their yards
  • Take a long/short walk in your neighborhood or on the track behind school, walk the dog
  • Play catch,  kick ball, or practice throwing
  • Go fishing, swimming, try canoeing or kayaking  
  • Fly a kite, play frisbee, or get out your jump rope
  • Work on a puzzle, read another book, bake cookies
  • Have a scavenger hunt around your house or outside in the neighborhood. Take 10-15 pictures (on your phone)of items and have a sibling/parent try to find the items in the shortest amount of time. Have them do the same for you 
  • Make homemade goop - 1 cup cornstarch,1 cup water (stir water to make thick paste OR 1 cup white glue, 1 cup liquid starch (stir and keep in refrigerator)
  • Clean out a closet and get ready for warmer weather or get ready for a garage sale
  • Go through old photos with your family
  • Make homemade cards and send them to friends and family you haven’t seen
  • Have a family game day, play hide and seek
  • Lay out a blanket and have a picnic in your yard
  • Try some yoga or create a dance routine with your siblings
  • Take some sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch or homemade Twister outside
  • Set up teams with friends, which team can walk farther, run faster, or do more push ups
  • Try golf...driving range or play tennis
  • Hike a nature trail and take pictures.  After Friday (ha) you can have those photos printed on an app called free prints.  You get about 80 free prints a month if you pay for the shipping
  • Take a garbage bag and pick up garbage others have left behind.  Helping you and the community
  • Play cornhole, ladder golf or can jam.  Make up a new yard game with your family
  • Clean out the family car - inside and out! It feels good to take care of our possessions
  • Create an obstacle course  or a Ninja Warrior course and have your family compete
  • Use Geocaching App to find treasures throughout the area with family or friends (technology exception) 
  • Ride your scooter or your bike, rollerblade
  • Making homemade bubbles: Add 1/3 cup of dish soap, and 1 cup of water. Mix together. For the wand you can use a coat hanger or pipe cleaners 
  • Try a new recipe with fruits and vegetables. Fruit kabobs are great. Take 4 of your favorite fruits, cut it up, then string it on a skewer
  • Making  a fort inside or outside. outside : use branches, trees and set it up. Inside , use pillows, blankets, and chairs to set it up, put up a tent in your own yard and camp out
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