2021-22 Reopening

  • 2021-22 Reopening Video

    Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! The Cato-Meridian Central School District reopening plan can be found below and additional reopening resources can be found on these subpages. Please keep in mind that this plan is subject to change. We will continue to keep our community informed with timely updates. Visit our COVID-19 community resources website for more information.

    Cleaning Protocols:  We will continue to spray disinfectant daily in classrooms and on busses.  In buildings we use the Clorox 360 machines with Electrostatic technology.  High contact surfaces will be wiped down throughout the school day.

    Transportation:  Masks are required on school buses.  Children of the same household will be seated together on school busses.  Disinfectant spray will be used after each bus run.  Windows and roof hatches will be open whenever possible.  Social distancing will be enforced whenever possible.

    Temperature Checks:  Temperature checks will be performed as the student enters the bus.  Students who are dropped off at school will also be temperature checked.  We ask parents to perform daily temperature checks at home.

    School Schedules:  We are happy to announce we are returning to a “normal” school schedule.  Elementary students will have a normal special schedule (Art, Music, PE) this school year.  Elementary school drop off begins at 8:30 and our elementary school will start promptly at 8:45.  The Junior-Senior High School drop off is at 7:30 and will start at 7:43.

    Social Distancing:  While students are in the building we will follow the CDC guidelines of 3 feet social distancing in all classrooms.  Seating charts will be maintained for contact tracing purposes.

    Contact Tracing:  This is completely controlled by the Cayuga County Health Department (CCHD).  The school district only assists in contact tracing.  

    Quarantine Rules:  This is completely controlled by the Cayuga County Health Department.  As of today (8/19), they have not updated their document for the reopening of school.  However we do know if a student/staff member is vaccinated and has no symptoms, they do NOT need to quarantine.  Unvaccinated students/staff members are required to quarantine.   Again, these are not our rules.

    Mask Policy (as of August 19th):  On school buses and in our buildings all persons are required to wear a mask.  We will take mask breaks throughout the day.  Masks are not required outside.

    When to Stay Home:  If your child(ren) has a fever, please notify your health care provider and do not send your child(ren) to school or to practice.  If your child(ren) do not have a fever but are experiencing any of the other symptoms listed below, please don't put others in jeopardy.  Do not send them to school or practice and consult your healthcare provider. Prevention is essential.

    • Temperature of 100 degrees or higher
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headache
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting, diarrhea

    Recommendations from Reopening Committee: 

    1.  Continue temperature checks. 
    2.  Everyone wears masks regardless of vaccination status while on school buses and in school buildings. 
    3.  No masks while outdoors. 
    4.  Limit access to our buildings during school hours.

    School Lunch:  We plan on having normal school lunches in the cafeteria.  Seating charts in the elementary school will be used for contact tracing purposes.  The Jr.-Sr. High School will use our camera system for contact tracing purposes.  Whenever possible, we will take students outdoors after they are finished eating.