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Cato-Meridian Sports Facility Named Field of Excellence

The Cato-Meridian sports facility was recently honored as a 2020 Field of Excellence by Pioneer Athletics. The nationwide program recognizes hard-working individuals, schools and communities for their dedication and effort in keeping fields and sports facilities looking their best.

The person responsible for keeping the District's fields in top shape is groundsman Brad Clark, who has worked at Cato-Meridian for five years. Clark works nonstop during the summer and fall keeping the grass short and the sports fields painted for practice and game days. He takes great pride in the accomplishments of the day, whether he's aerating and overseeding or mowing and painting the sports fields, and it shows.

"Probably the biggest impact Brad's work has can be seen in both the community and in all of the school spirit he inspires with the attention he gives to the grounds," said Director of Facilities Joseph Phillips. "People are constantly telling me how great our facility looks and how proud they are to be Cato alumni."

Cato-Meridian Sports Facility