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Sixth Grade Girls Group Learning Valuable Lessons About Society

Students in the sixth grade girls group at Cato-Meridian Elementary School recently learned more about popularity and the reasoning behind why some students behave in certain ways. These students previously signed up to attend the group, which runs for eight weeks and meets before school.

The group is run by Cato-Meridian Elementary School Jen Sabatino, who says that the goal is to help students learn how to handle various social and emotional situations. For example, the group recently had a discussion on cliques, and the specific roles girls have in them. Specifically, students learned about the queen bee (the leader), the sidekick (the one who always agrees with the queen bee), the banker (someone who banks information about others and announces it to others strategically), the floater (someone who does not associate with just one clique), the torn bystander (someone who is conflicted between two or more groups), the pleaser/wannabe (someone who values other girls' opinions more than her own), and the target (the victim who is set up by others to be made fun of or excluded).

Students learned that there are pros and cons to each role in a clique, and that it is possible to switch roles. To wrap up the meeting, students wore tiaras and decorated hearts to portray queen bees.

Students in the sixth grade girls group recently learned about queen bees.