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Elementary Students Put Their Hearts into Outstanding Fundraising Efforts

Cato-Meridian Elementary students recently celebrated their successful fundraising efforts after they put their hearts into a worthy cause.

In February, Kindergarten through sixth grade students started fundraising for the American Heart Association through the Kids Heart Challenge. At the start of the challenge, the school set a goal to fundraise $5,000. Throughout the challenge, students received prizes for their fundraising efforts. In total, 130 students fundraised $7,226.59. 

As a reward for meeting- and exceeding- the fundraising goal, students who participated in the fundraiser attended a celebration before school on Friday, April 1. They participated in heart-healthy activities like dancing, gymnastics, basketball, jump ropes, scooters, and more. The events were spread out between the Elementary School and Recreation Center gymnasiums.

"Our event today is a chance to celebrate all of the hard work these students have put into fundraising and also to celebrate the fact that we have healthy hearts!" said Physical Education teacher Shayna Marriam.

Shayna Marriam greets a group of Elementary students in the gymnasium

An Elementary student rolls around the gymnasium on a scooter.

Elementary students attempt to balance on boards.