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BRIGHT FUTURES: Brianna Broadwell Poised to Make an Impact on the Field and in the Classroom at Keuka College

When Brianna Broadwell moved to the Cato-Meridian Central School District in seventh grade, she decided to try a new sport: field hockey.


The sport stuck, and now, as she prepares to graduate, Broadwell is ready to take her talents to Keuka College. She will play for the field hockey team and study Criminal Justice.


Broadwell knew she had found her future home when she visited Keuka College for the first time.


“I really liked the campus,” Broadwell said. “It felt like home when I was there. I met up with the (Keuka College field hockey) girls. We met, ate dinner, and watched the dance team perform.”


Although Broadwell is looking forward to getting acquainted with her new teammates, she admitted that she will miss the friendships she has made at Cato-Meridian. She recalled one of her favorite memories: senior night.


“It was my last time playing with my best friend, who I met on the team,” she said. “It was just really sentimental and it’s gonna be hard to move past it, make new teammates and new friends, but the Cato-Meridian team was really special to me. We were like family.”


While Broadwell also participated in basketball and cheerleading at Cato-Meridian, she said her first field hockey coach, Robin Bartholomew, made her fall in love with the sport.


“She was my coach in seventh and eighth grade, and we went undefeated with her. She pushed me really hard and made me fall in love with the sport.”


Throughout her time at Cato-Meridian, one teacher in particular has made a difference to Broadwell: Julie Hertlein.


“I really appreciate her,” Broadwell said. “She’s really sweet and has helped me a lot over the past few years.”


Broadwell is confident that she’ll be able to manage field hockey and her coursework as a Criminal Justice student as she continues to work toward becoming a New York State Trooper. She grew up watching a lot of police shows, and just like field hockey, the interest stuck.


While Keuka College will be Broadwell’s new home soon, her Cato-Meridian memories will always have a special place in her heart.


Brianna Broadwell


Brianna Broadwell


Brianna Broadwell