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BRIGHT FUTURES: Cariana Wilson Looks Forward to Learning On and Off the Court at SUNY Canton

Cato-Meridian Junior-Senior High School senior Cariana Wilson is preparing to begin a new chapter of her life at SUNY Canton. There, she will major in criminal investigation and play on the school’s volleyball team.


Growing up, Wilson was always passionate about pursuing a career as a detective.


“My family got involved in a situation that the detectives didn’t handle well, so I wanted to go in that direction and change it,” she explained.


Wilson said that her family made sure she never had to miss a volleyball game, which has meant a lot to her. And while her parents won’t be with her at Canton, she will have some family ties on campus- Southworth Library is named after one of her relatives.


Wilson was impressed with Canton’s modern facilities and intrigued by the opportunities for hands-on learning. She also noted that the volleyball players- her future teammates- made her feel right at home.


Last fall, Wilson earned OHSL Patriot American first team all-league honors for her accomplishments on the varsity volleyball team. She pointed to her coach, Sharon Nihoff, as one of her biggest influences on the volleyball court and in the classroom.


“She always said if your grades aren’t good, you’re not going to practice. You’re going to sit there and do your homework,” Wilson said. “She always pushed you to do your best.”


This year, Wilson wrote her teacher appreciation message to retired elementary teacher April Warner, noting that she “treated us like people and not just students.” She also praised one of her current teachers, C.J. Hannon, for giving her everything she needed to succeed in school.


Between volleyball and her coursework, Wilson will have a lot on her plate at Canton, but she’s confident that her current study habits will help her manage her time.


“I always tried to get as much done as I could in study halls,” she said. “And when I didn’t have a lot of study halls, I would do it after my game or on the bus. I think that will just continue and I’ll have more time in college.”


After completing her degree in criminal investigation, Wilson plans to start her career as a street cop, get her training done, and eventually become a detective or profiler.


Cariana Wilson


Cariana Wilson


Cariana Wilson