Intramural Safety Plan During COVID-19

  • Sign-Ups and Notification of Participation
    Students who have not been screened will need to be screened in the office before attending a session. Students will be selected to participate to get the program started. Both hybrid students and virtual students in grades 7 through 12 are eligible for intramurals Students will be able to attend on either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday cohorts.

    Rooms and Equipment
    Rooms and equipment will be disinfected between student uses. We will have custodial staff disinfect the room between sessions. We will provide spray and wipe down equipment between student use as well.

    Sessions and Pods
    Each pod will be limited to eight or fewer students.(the full gym will be up to 12 total) Each pod will be required to stay in their particular activity and not go to other pods or activities. Masks will be required at all times and social distances will be adhered to. Students who are approved to participate will go to their designated areas at the appropriate times (3:45pm). Water, Snacks and Food Participants will need to bring their own water bottles and not share with others. Snacks and food will not be permitted at this time.

    We will do parent/self transportation at this time. Students will need to be picked up by 4:35 pm who participate in the 3:45-4:30pm session.

    Locker Room Use
    Students will be able to utilize the boys and girls locker rooms to change. We have room for up to 16 students to change at a time and remain socially distanced. Students will need to wait outside the locker room in the hallway until there's room for them to change (no more than 16 at a time). Students will be separated by at least six feet while waiting to use the locker room. Intramural chaperones will need to ensure students remain socially distant. We will place a circle sticker at each changing station for studetns in both locker rooms. Supervision will be provided by chaperones in the locker rooms.