Lead Testing Results

  • Lead Testing Results At Levels Below Threshold

    Initial testing of 65 potable water outlets in the district's schools were analyzed by a New York State certified environmental laboratory.  The results showed that lead levels in our buildings' drinking outlets were below 15 micrograms per liter or parts per billion that is the threshold which would have required the district to develop a lead remediation plan.

    While no water outlet tested in the district exceeded the permissible limit for lead contamination, further testing/monitoring of outlets will occur in accordance with State Education Department and Department of Health regulations and guidelines.  

    The links below contain the lead testing reports for each of our schools.


    Follow-Up Testing Update (Fall 2016)

    As reported above, testing of water outlets used or potentially used for drinking were well below the threshold which would have required the development of a corrective action plan.  An additional 32 outlets in restrooms and closets were tested in late October which resulted in 3 sinks in restrooms at the high school, 20 additional outlets tested  with 2 sinks in restrooms at the middle school and 38 additional outlets with 3 sinks in classrooms at the elementary school were found to have levels above the allowed threshold.  These sinks have been labeled “Not For Drinking” and the maintenance department will take corrective measures to resolve the issues at these fixtures.

    All lead testing reports are available for viewing on the district’s website.  Click on “District” at the top of the home page, then click on Lead Testing Results 2016 to the left of the page.  If you have any questions regarding the district’s lead testing protocols, please call Brenda Semeraro, School Business Administrator, at (315) 626-2716, extension 5006.


    Latest Testing Results (Spring 2017)

    Follow-up testing was done on the eight (8) outlets identified in the fall testing round and found to have levels of lead above the allowed threshold (3 sinks in the high school restrooms, 2 sinks in the middle school restrooms, and 3 sinks in elementary school classrooms - none of these outlets are drinking fountains).

    Results from additional testing at the end of march showed lead levels below the acceptable threshold and well within the permissible limits of water quality levels.

    The District will continue to monitor water quality at outlets in accordance with State Education Department and Department of Health regulations and guidelines.

    The latest testing reports from March are available below.