• School Tax Collection Information:


    Cato-Meridian School Tax Collector:  Gwendolyn Marriam

             Contact Information:    Email Address:  gmarriam@catomeridian.org

                                                                Phone Number:  315-626-3439, extension 5001



    Q:  Where can I see my school tax bill?

    A:  School Tax Bills may be found by going to www.taxlookup.net



    Q:  How can I pay my bill?

    A:  You have 3 options: 

                Option #1 – Go to Community Bank in Cato (they will only accept cash payments)           

                Option #2 – Mail a check (payable to:  C-M School Tax Collector) to: C-M School Tax

                                    Collector, 2851 State Route 370, Cato, NY 13033

                Option #3 -  Pay online by going to www.taxlookup.net, search for your tax bill and click 

                                    on “Make a Payment.”  You will have the option to pay by credit card or by

                                    electronic check (e-check). 



    Q:  What if I have questions about the amount of my bill or changes that need to be made to my tax bill such as a change of address or bank/escrow change?

    A:  For questions regarding your tax bill, please contact Cayuga County Real Property Services at 315-253-1270.                                               

           To change your address, fill out a change form by going to www.cayugacounty.us; hold your cursor

           over Departments and click on Real Property Services; then go to Forms on the left side of

           the screen and click on the + sign; then click on the appropriate form.  If you have any

           questions, regarding this process, you may contact Cayuga County Real Property Services at





    Q:  What are the due dates for the 2023 School Taxes?

    A:  Taxes are due by: 10/2/2023 with no penalty;

                                        11/2/2023 with 2% penalty;

                                        11/15/2023 with 3% penalty.

           The school cannot accept tax payments after 11/15/2023 (if mailing your payment, the payment cannot be

           accepted if postmarked after 11/15/2023)