Fitness Trail

  • There are five new workout stations outfitted with an assortment of exercise equipment outside the Rec Center free for the public to use. These were purchased through a grant from the Cayuga County Health Department. The grant initiative is to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

    Whether you walk, bike or hike, you can enjoy using one or more of the stations.

    The fitness machines are not motorized.  Instead, users apply their body weight to achieve resistance.  Each station includes machines focused on specific muscle groups designed to build core body strength, increase agility, and enhance flexibility.

    Each machine includes a decal with a QR code, and using a smart phone, visitors can view a video about each piece of equipment.

    We would like to thank the Cayuga County Health Department, the Cato Rotary Club,  the C-M Maintenance Crew, the Cato-Meridian PTO and numerous volunteers for all their help. 
    Below you will find a map of the trail. Maps are also available at the Rec Center and you may download a copyof this at the bottom of the page.