• The gymnasium is open at all times the facility is open. The gym may be rented for private events. Please check the monthly calendar posted below for availability. Contact the front desk for the pricing of gym rentals. 

    Check the Gym Schedule below for special events and gym closures.

    July Gym Calendar

    Gym Rules:

    1. No food or drink is allowed in the gym except for water.
    2. Clean sneakers must be worn.  No flip-flops or sandals are allowed.
    3. Please use the equipment properly.  Balls are not to be kicked, thrown over the backboard or track.
    4. Hanging on the rims is unacceptable.
    5. Profanity, physical contact, intimidating behavior and disrespect for others will not be tolerated in any way.  You will be asked to leave the facility immediately.
    6. Do not touch the window shades.  Please ask a staff member for help.